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Judith Stanton, Founder/CEO/Publisher

Judith is a native of Sioux City, Iowa and graduated from Morningside College in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Community Service.  Through volunteering and working in various healthcare facilites including administration and assisted living, her passion grew to provide resources for families and seniors.  


In 2015 Senior Lifestyle Advantage LLC was founded.  We are reaching families and seniors in communities and voted as a trusted resourced by our customers. "Best Cover" "Most Engaging" "Most Shared" Senior Magazine.
Testimonial "I've read every issue and want to meet every person in your magazine". Carolyn, West Point, NE. 

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Previous Issues

Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Voted “Most Engaging”

Featured: Melissa Tyjeerdsma

Fall/Winter 2017

Voted “Best Cover” by issuu.com

“Calling The Plays“ With Coach Tom Osborne

Interview with Coach Tom Osborne

Spring 2018

JoAnn Gieselman - Executive Director of Dakota County Connections

Featured : JoAnn Gieselman 

Summer 2018

Bev Lessman - Executive Wellness Coach

Featured :Bev Lessman 

Fall/Winter 2016

Featured : Jill Miller


Rae Clinkenbeard


My name is Rae Clinkenbeard and I am from Denison, Iowa. I am a Junior at Morningside College double majoring in Arts Administration and Photography. Photography has been a passion of mine since I picked up my first camera at the age of 10. It all started with a school project that required me to collect photographs in my home town of Denison for my research of Iowa nature. Ever since then, I have been hooked. When searching for colleges no other college I had visited contained the Arts Administration major which I found to be a perfect fit for me. I have been able utilize my skills in art while learning how to maintain a business which is my future goal. 

I am truly excited for this opportunity to intern with Senior Lifestyle Advantage and Judith Stanton while showing people what I see through my camera lens.


Lindsey Smith

 My name is Lindsey Smith and I am a senior English major at Morningside College. I am from Carroll, Iowa. I am involved in several organizations on campus, including the Writing Center, Sigma Tau Delta, and the Kiosk. I enjoy reading historical fiction, listening to classic rock, and playing soccer in my spare time. My goal after graduation this May is to move to a bigger city and become an editor for a newspaper or magazine.   

Amy Jackson

 I was born in Cape Coral, Florida, in 1998. When I was around four, my mother began teaching me to read using my beloved, battered set of Shel Silverstein anthologies, but the lessons weren't clicking—that is, until one relentlessly sunny afternoon when I was buckled into a car seat in my grandmother's Buick. With my forehead pressed to the glass, I watched my hometown blur by. But that day, something was different.

As if for the first time, I saw the words. Street signs and bus stops and license plates and skywriters... words were everywhere, and for the first time, I could understand them. A new world had unfurled! I couldn't stop reading.

And you know what? Little has changed.

Primarily, I am an editor. When not gardening or directing plays, I read voraciously. 

Photo: By Rae Clinkenbeard

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