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10 Cleaning Tips For Spring

Spring is only a few weeks away.  So get a head start on your cleaning. Before you begin your spring cleaning, make a list of to do. Also check your cleaning supplies to see if you need to refresh or purchase new products and tools such as vacuums, swifer handles, buckets, and misc. items.  Start to assign the cleaning tasks according to each room.  Clean one area at a time, including windows, floors, counters, sinks, doors, closets, and walls.

Assign chores to everyone including your children and grandchildren. Consider signing up for the recycling center in your community.
Set time a side to wash the bedding and linens, blankets.  Towels may need refreshed because of stains, or tearing. Our pillows should be changed every six months.  See directions from manufacturer to determine if they are safe to wash. Organize your home by category instead of room. Ask your self do you love the item you are using, if so keep it.  Otherwise share, sell or toss it to the garbage. If you are concerned about chemicals being used in your home to clean, then check out greener versions.  

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