Pet Supplies

Under the Table

Quality Time

Pet's love to play and have hours of fun with family.  But when do they require time out? A good rule of thumb would be to give your pet a nap or break after 20 minutes.  They might need to go outside, or put in their kennel.  

Pet's can easily develop bad habits if they are board, or being neglected. Pets will chew or scratch on random objects for your attention.

Any of the items we list on our website for pets are affordable ways for your to take care of your family pets.

Too Many Treats

Pets are so spoiled when it comes to treats. Obesity can happen as nutritional diet becomes unbalanced. Treats should only be given on occasion, less than 10% of their diet. Use treats for good behavior and inscentive for your pets to obey.  Submit your dog or cats favorite treat item and photo to be selected to win sample treats from us. 

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Their Best Holiday

My paws & claws

Hey everyone we want you to connect with people who can help you take better care of your pets.  Here’s some people we think you will want to meet. 

Pet Goodies

Give your pet a special treat in their stocking. 

Your Healthy Pet

Taking care of your pet starts with the basics.  A happy pet is a healthy pet.  See your local Veteranarian for pet wellness and check ups. 

Adopt a Senior

if you are 60 or older, a special furry friend is waiting for you to care for them. 

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