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As we age new options for quality care and are available for families who need complete care in the home. 

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For more information about services for seniors in South Dakota see Tony Mau.

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Nancy Huseth


With the Electronic Caregiver, we are saving the lives, other systems can't!

It is a professionally monitored Medical Alarm System.

Our goal is to bring brand awareness to our advanced product designed to save the lives that other systems can't. Our system offers amazing technology including a 2-way communicator with medical staff, motion detector system to monitor inactivity in the home and a medication reminder. Our sleek design and advanced technology make The Electronic Caregiver a mush-have for any senior who is insisting on remaining safely in their home. It gives them the independence they are demanding while maintaining peace of mind for the family with 24-hour support. What a please it is to HELP SAVE LIVES! My territory is Sioux City, IA, Omaha, Ne and Sioux Falls, SD.

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Ph: 712-898-3274


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